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Keating Mud Jacking has been serving Topeka, Lawrence and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. The business was incorporated in 1993 and continues to be a locally owned, family operated business. The company specializes in Mud Jacking, Foundation Repair, Waterproofing and Steel Piers.

A Wet Basement?
Bowing Basement Walls?
A Settling Foundation?
Uneven Concrete Slabs?

Keating Mud Jacking
Can Solve Your Problems!

is the process used to raise concrete, which has settled, by filling the voids underneath with a special mixture, which allows the settled concrete to be raised to the original elevation in most cases. Mud jacking can be performed on: concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches and steps, slab houses, garage floors and many other concrete structures.

FOUNDATION problems have many solutions and Keating Mud Jacking can find the one that is best suited for your home or business. Bulging basement walls can be straightened or held in place using steel I-Beans, dead-men or helical tiebacks. Settled structures can be raised using concrete underpinning, steel helical piers or steel push piers. Cracks can be fixed by augering down on the ourside of the structure and applying a rubber membrane over the crack and installing a vertical drain tile to the peripheral drain. This process can be done without large costly excavations.

WATERPROOFING - we use outside and or inside applications. The outside application requireds excavating, straightening walls, rapairing cracks, applying rubber membrane to cracks, applying foundation coating to walls and 2 layers of 6 mil plastic. Installing new drain tile, covering with clean rock. Installing new window wells, backfilling and grading to drain water away. The inside application consists of sawing the floor one foot out from the basement walls, removing the concrete, excavating, installing drain tile and covering with clean rock. The drain is connected into the sump pumb (new or existing). Then the concrete is replaced.

STEEL PIERS - Soil holds 100% of the weight of your home. When there are problems in the soil, there are problems in the home. When this occurs, the problems need to be solved. in essence the weight of the home must be taken off the bad soil and transferred to a composition, which will hold the home. By placing steel piers in the ground well below any seasonal or moisture changes, the up and down movement is stopped. A solid base is established with an engineered safety factor of at least two to one built in.

Keating Mud Jacking serves Topeka, Lawrence, and surrounding areas. Steel piers can be used in many applications: Fireplaces, foundations, crawl spaces, new construction, retaining walls, concrete slabs just to name a few.


Class A Topeka, KS
Class D Lawrence, KS

Keating Mud Jacking is insured for your protection. We take pride in solving structural problems in an efficient and cost effective manner with a high level of quality and workmanship.

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