Mud Jacking

Mud Jacking is a procedure which involves drilling two-inch diameter holes through the concrete in the affected area. Bringing in a hose, about the size of a firehose, with a nozzle that fits in the hose and pumping in a thick mud grout under the floor. The grout is typically comprised of a sandy loam soil, water and cement.

The grout is pumped under the affected area with several hundred pounds of pressure until all voids are filled and backpressure lifts the concrete where it needs to be. Mud jacking has been successfuly used to lift streets, porches, garage floors, slab homes and driveways at a cost much lower than replacement.

Steel Piers

Soil holds 100% of the weight of your home. When there are problems in the soil, there are problems in the home. When this occurs, the problems need to be solved.  In essence, the weight of the home must be taken off the bad soil and transferred to a composition, which will hold the home. By placing steel piers in the ground well below any seasonal or moisture changes, the up and down movement is stopped. A solid base is established with an engineered safety factor of at least two to one built in.

Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

We use outside and inside applications. The outside application requires excavating, straightening walls, repairing cracks, applying rubber membrane to cracks, applying foundation coating to walls and 2 layers of 6 mil plastic. Then, installing new drain tile, covering with clean rock, installing new window wells, and backfilling with grading to drain water away.

The walls are excavated using the backhoe.

The walls are cleaned with wire brushes to remove all dirt. Then a propane heater is used to dry all moisture from the wall.

All cracks are patched using a rubber membrane. The wall is then given a Thick coat of tar.

Two layers of 6 mil plastic are placed over the tar. Three inch perforated pipe is placed vertically along the walls at all window wells. A 3 inch draintile is also placed along the footing and covered with gravel. This pipe drains exterior water into the sump pit, floor drain, or natural drain.

Finally, the trench is back-filled and graded out.

* THE INSIDE application consists of sawing the floor one-foot out from the basement walls, removing the concrete, excavating, installing drain tile and covering with clean rock. The drain is connected into the sump pit, then the concrete is replaced. *

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